Puppies and kittens every time you open your web browser

Every tab helps raise money for shelters & non-profits. For free.

Available for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

A homepage that does good

HappyTabs is a fast, adorable, easy-to-use start page for your web browser. The bonus? It helps raise money for charity!

Multiple devices

HappyTabs is currently available on desktops, laptops, iPhones and iPads. More devices coming soon!


A Google search bar is located in the middle of your start page for easy access.

Configurable Shortcuts

Add configurable shortcuts, so you can access your favorite sites quickly with a single click/tap.

Ads... that are good?

Sponsors pay HappyTabs to show ads on our start page. We take that money and donate it to shelters and other non-profits!

Never Annoying

Ads can suck. We get it. Ours are designed to be effective while staying out of your way. We promise.

Familiar Design

You'll recognize the clean simplicity of the search and shortcuts and it'll fit right into your existing flow.

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Who We Are

Our Team

We are a small group of developers, designers and marketers who have funded and built HappyTabs in our spare time. We want to help do something good with the powerful technologies we work with every day!

Our Mission

We believe that technology shouldn't be intrusive, but if leveraged correctly, can help millions of people (and pets!) all over the world. We aim to help you raise money for charity without changing your habits or breaking your budget.

What's next?

The browser extensions are just the start! We're working on several tools and apps to help everyone do their part and raise money for charity easily by doing little things each and every day. Subscribe or follow us to get the latest updates!


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